How can I pay?
Payment can be made by Visa, Mastercard, Delta, Switch, Solo, Cheque, Cash, Standing Order, and BACS. Most medium to long-term customers prefer to pay by Standing Order or Automatic Payment Card mandate because it is more convenient that way.

Do I pay weekly or monthly?
You will be invoiced calendar monthly in advance for your unit and will pay for a full month initially. The next month’s payment will be calculated pro-rata for the days required to align the billing cycle to the 1st of the month

Is there a minimum storage period?
Yes. The minimum period is 1 month (or greater should you use the discounted collection service).

Are there any hidden extras?
Absolutely not. There are no hidden extras. Not even a security deposit is needed. You will pay the 1st month’s licence fee when you move in and that is it. We cover all rates, utility bills and maintenance costs.

How much does it cost and how often can I have access to my unit?
Access to your unit is FREE and UNLIMITED within our extensive opening hours. Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm, Saturday 9am to 2pm and Sunday 12pm to 3pm.

Do I need to sign anything?
Yes, a license agreement has to be signed. It is NOT a lease. It can be terminated with 48 hours notice.

What if my belongings don’t fit into the unit size I’ve ordered?
No problem, you will be able to upgrade to a larger unit.

Will you accept deliveries to my room?
By pre-arrangement, yes. If you leave your key with us, within our opening hours we will accept deliveries on your behalf in your absence.

Who provides the lock and who holds the key?
We will provide a lock for you to use free of charge. It is a very high specification lock worth £60. Either you can hold the only key or you can entrust it with us for safe keeping.

How do I book a Storage Room?
Simply call 01782 785 370 or book online.

Can I bring the items myself and not use the Store-Safe™ collection service?
Yes of course. Our storage facility is designed like a self-storage depot.

Can I use another removal company to bring items to theStore-Safe™ storage facility.
Yes, you can use another firm also upon vacation even if you used the Store-Safe™ collection service originally.

Do you charge when I visit my storage room?
No. Access is free and unlimited within our opening hours to your room.

What are the opening hours?

  • Stoke North (Talke) Depot: 8am – 8pm 7 Days per week (except bank holidays).
  • Stoke Central (Etruria) Depot: 8am – 8pm 7 Days per week (except bank holidays).
  • Stoke South (Normacot) Depot: 9am – 6pm Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm Saturday, 10am – 6pm Sunday except (bank holidays).

Do you provide car parking facilities?
Yes there is room on site to park. Most units have full vehicle access also.