4 Things Not To Do When You’re Putting Your Possessions In Self-Storage

Hiring a storage unit is a great way to keep clutter out of your home or look after your possessions when you move to a new house, or work in another location for a while. But, there are things you shouldn’t do when you store your home contents.  Here are 4 Things Not To Do When You’re Putting Your Possessions In Self-Storage


Don’t store fragile items in a box without wrapping them up first. Bubble wrap will protect items from damage and from dirt and dust. It’s easy for a box to fall over when you’re loading it on or off a van, so wrapping will help to keep your contents safe.


Don’t put all your cables, plugs, screws and chargers in one big plastic bag. It means when you want to use them again you’ll have to spend a lot of time finding out which cable or screw belongs to which item. It’s time-consuming and frustrating.

Instead, use separate bags for each set of cables and screws. Put a note inside the bag that tells you where it comes from. If you have a device with lots of different cables take a photo of it before you unplug them, so that you know how to put them back correctly when you come to use the device in the future.


Always wash and thoroughly dry your clothes before packing. Even if you have only worn an item once. Unseen stains can seep into the material over time and then you won’t be able to get them out.
Never store clothes in plastic bags. This can cause mildew if there’s moisture around (the bags might get wet during transportation) or your fabrics will turn yellow.

The best way to store clothes is in plastic boxes with a lid or hanging up in cloth garment bags which will allow the fabric to breathe.


Avoid the temptation to pile everything in unorganised into your self-storage unit. You never know when you might need to get certain items back out. By creating a tidy layout you’ll be able to access all your furniture and boxes easily.

Put large pieces of furniture against the wall and then leave a space before stacking boxes. Leave a pathway so that you can walk around without knocking things over.

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