Turn Your Shed Into a Teenage Den

Have you got a teenager who is yearning for a space of their own at home? Why not turn your garden shed into a den where they can invite their friends. They’ll be far enough away from you that they feel you’re not listening into their conservations, but close enough that you can keep an eye on them.

But, what do you do with all the junk that you’ve accumulated over the years? That’s easy, with a few hours hard work you can have it cleared.

Throw it out

Start by throwing out anything that’s broken. Then make a pile of things you don’t use or you don’t want. This pile can be given to a charity job, sold or given away. You can use websites like Pre-loved or Gumtree or post a note in your local Facebook group.

Keep Pile

Then what you’ll you have left are the things you use and want to keep. If you don’t have another place at home to store these things then consider renting a self-storage unit. They are perfect for keeping things you don’t use regularly. You could even do out your garage and other rooms at home at the same time as the shed. Imagine your home without clutter. Not only will it look bigger it will be easier to clean too.


Store-Safe has self-storage units in three different sizes, so you won’t have a problem finding the right one. With 7 day opening, you’ll never have a problem with access. It’s the perfect place to store home contents in a dry and safe environment.

The Conversion

Once everything is out of the way you can get on and convert your shed. It will need a good clean and a coat of paint. Get your local electrician to put in electricity and then cover the floor with colourful rugs. If there isn’t enough room for a sofa you can use bean bags instead. No doubt your teenager will have ideas of their own about what should and shouldn’t go into the shed.

And, that’s it, you have an uncluttered space and your teenager has somewhere private to entertain friends.