How A Self-Storage Unit Can Benefit Your Business

Working for yourself is very rewarding. It’s hard work and you will worry, but when you do well you’ll get a lot of satisfaction.  We talk about how a self-storage unit can benefit your business.

Find Your Premises

If you want to open a shop the first thing you need to do is look around for suitable premises. You don’t need to buy. Many retail establishments are for rent. This means you don’t have to commit yourself to a mortgage. You can rent or lease your premises until your business is established and you’re earning enough to finance shop premises of your own.

Put Your Stamp On It

Next, you’ll probably want to do some renovations and redecoration. You’ll want to choose your colours and have your shop name brand logo put up outside the door.
While this is being done you can spend the time accumulating stock. If you rent a self-storage unit you’ll be able to store furniture and stock in a safe place until your premises are ready

Buy Your Stock

This means you can take advantage of any bargains that come up. For example, you see a shop that’s ceased trading is selling off shelves, tables and chairs. Instead of missing out the bargain because you’ve nowhere to put things, you can go ahead and buy up what you need and put it in your self-storage unit.  You can have everything ready to move into the shop as soon as the workmen have finished, rather than facing delays while you find the things you need.

Spread The Word

Before you open for business make sure everyone in your local area knows about it. Use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to spread the word. You can even offer a reduction for the first 10 to 15 customers. That’s a great way of getting customers through the door.