Fancy Owning a Market Stall?

Do you fancy owning a market stall? Did you know Marks and Spencer started out by selling their goods on a market stall? Do you enjoy mooching around looking for bargains? Are you good at dealing with the public and do you want to work for yourself?

If you do, then maybe a market stall is a great way for you to begin your business empire.

What to sell?

One of your first decisions should be about your stock. What are you are going to sell? Will you have to source the items from suppliers? Or do you have a talent for crafts and plan to sell the things you make at home?

It could be crochet blankets and throws, artisan candles and soaps, vintage clothes or vinyl records. Whatever you are enthusiastic about and can sell.

If you’re not sure, pay a visit to a few local markets. Have a good look round. Is there anything that’s missing where you could fill the gap?

Buy your stock

If you aren’t using crafts you’ve made yourself, you’ll need to find a supplier or have the time to look for items when you’re not on the stall. Don’t make the mistake of buying too much stock at first. It’s better to start off slowly and build up your stock as demand increases.


You’ll need a dedicated area to store your market stall stock. If you don’t have a spare bedroom or a garage don’t clutter up your home. If you have children, tiny hands could damage items.

Instead, rent a self-storage unit. That way you can keep your stock in a safe place. You’ll have the room to keep it organised and it’s not in anyone’s way.

Store-Safe have units of different sizes in three locations around Stoke. They are open 7 days a week, so you’ll always have access.


You’ll have to become self-employed and you will need a market stall licence from your local council. If you sell food there will be inspections by environmental health. Here’s a very informative blog from Startups UK which tells you all about setting up as a market trader.