6 Items to Invest in For Your Baby’s Nursery

It’s exciting waiting for your baby to be born. One of nicest jobs you can do in the meanwhile is decorate and furnish the nursery. Here are 6 items you may want to invest in for your baby’s nursery to make sure you and baby are relaxed and comfortable.


Once baby is out of the Moses basket you can start to put them in the cot. Choose a cot with drop slides if you want it to easier to lift baby in and out. Look for the British safety standard code which is BSEN716.
When you are choosing a mattress it will need to be no less than 10cm deep and it should fit snugly around the cot sides so that there are no gaps. You won’t need a pillow. Babies shouldn’t be propped up on anything in a cot because they need to lie flat.

Cot Mobile

A cot mobile can soothe baby to sleep and give them something to focus on when they wake up. You can choose brightly coloured or pale mobiles with animals, shapes or stars.

Changing Table

Although you can use a mat on the floor, it’s a lot easier to change a baby while you’re on your feet. You can buy a changing table with shelves, cupboards or drawers. That way all your essential items will be close at hand.

Baby Monitor

Baby monitors come as traditional listening only monitors or with video. Video monitors usually feature a colour display and infrared night vision. Some smart video monitors come with an app you can download to your phone or tablet. This means you can see baby even when you’re not at home.


You won’t need anything big at first. The good thing about baby clothes is that they are small. Pick a wardrobe that has at least one shelf for items that you can’t hang up.

Comfy Chair

When you’re feeding or comforting baby it’s nice to be able to relax yourself. Pick a chair that’s cosy to sit in. Recliners and rocking chairs are useful because they are comfortable and help to keep baby calm.

When Baby Gets Bigger

If you’re planning to have more than one child then you’ll want to keep your baby furniture, clothes and toys. But, if you’re spare room is now a nursery what do you do?
A good solution is to rent a self-storage unit. Store-Safe have affordable storage units with 7-day access. You can store all your baby stuff and anything else that’s cluttering up your home in a safe, dry environment until you need them again.