How To Rent A Self-Storage Unit With Store-Safe While Social Distancing

Renting a storage unit from Safe-Store even while social distancing couldn’t be easier. Just phone the office on 01782 785 370.

Let the Store-Safe staff know what size of storage facility you need, the location and the date you need it from. They will do the necessary paperwork and you will be sent an e-signature form to your email to reserve your unit & the first month’s payment will be taken by card.

How Do I Access the Site?

Your mobile phone number will be added into the gate system and we will send you a text with the number to call.  When you arrive just call the gate number and the automatic gates will open.

All you need to do is turn up with your belongings.  Drive right up to your unit which has its own secure door. The padlock and key will be waiting for you inside the door.

Getting a Quote

You can get a quote online for the storage unit. Just fill in the details on the quotation page.

If you don’t know what size unit you’ll need the quotation page tells you how much furniture you can fit into each of our units. The smallest unit is 40 square feet. That’s enough to fit in:
2-seater sofa
2 Armchairs
2 Double beds
1 Dining table
4 Dining chairs
2 standard size wardrobes
8 x 60-litre boxes
That’s usually perfect for the contents of a flat.

What Size Units Are Available?

The largest storage unit is 320 square feet. This storage unit can house two cars or the contents of a very large house.
The other units are:
64 square feet – An average 1 or 2 bedroom house
80 square feet – A larger 1 or 2 bedroomed house. You’ll have room for an extra double bed, one more dining room chair, another wardrobe and two more 60-litre boxes.
104 square feet – A 2 to 3 bedroomed house
160 square feet – A 3 to 4 bedroomed house
240 square feet – A large house or 2 cars

Not sure how much room you’ll need then fill in the form on the quotation page with a list of the items you want to store and our calculator will tell you what sized unit will be best for you.

How Long Do I Have to Rent a Unit For?

You can rent the storage units for a short time (although the minimum payment is one calendar month), for a few months or for years. Special offers are available for longer terms, check our website for details. Payment is taken monthly but if you move out before the end of the month any unused days are refunded back to you.

What Are the Opening Times?

You can access your unit 7 days a week, apart from bank holiday’s, from 8am-8pm (times differ slightly for our Normacott site, please see the website for full details)