Days on The Beach – What to Take for a Great Day Out

Hurrah! Summer is finally here. If you’re lucky they’ll be some good weather so that you can enjoy a few days on the beach. Here’s some tips to remind you what to take for a great day out out with the kids.


Sunscreen is the most important thing to remember, without this there won’t be any beach time. Make sure it’s waterproof and apply it regularly for maximum protection. Keep it in a bag so that it doesn’t get covered in sand.

Hats and Towels

Bring enough towels so that you have some to lie on and some to dry you off after a dip in the sea. Children should also have sun hats to protect their heads from the heat.

Change of Clothes

After a day on the beach showering and putting on clean clothes will make you and the kids more comfortable on the journey home.

Cool Boxes

One or two cool boxes with plenty of drinks and snacks or lunch if you intend to eat on the beach. Think about buying thermo trolleys on wheels which you can drag along instead of having to carry heavy boxes.

Beach Umbrellas and Chairs

Bring a couple of comfy chairs for you and your partner and enough umbrellas to provide shade for everyone. If you have a baby or a toddler a beach tent is a great idea. It will keep little one’s protected from the sun especially at nap time.

Beach Toys

Buckets and spades, starfish shapes and frisbees. In fact anything your kids like to play with. A small blow up paddling pool will keep smaller kids amused while older children can play with blow up rings, body boards and Lilo’s.


It’s quite a long list, but if you’re staying the whole day you’ll need to keep the happy and busy. If you live somewhere where there’s no storage space, don’t let that stop you making a beach collection. Instead why not think about hiring a self-storage unit.
That way you can get rid of all the clutter at home and keep the things you use for days out safe and secure in your own locked unit. Safe-Store are open 7 days a week, so it won’t matter if you decide to go without pre-planning, you can always get into your unit in the mornings.  Call us on 01782 785370 or click here to fill out our contact form