How Do you pack Your Clothes Properly for Storage?

When you’re planning to be away for a while you may want to store away your clothes.  It’s important you pack and store them properly to keep them in good condition.  So how do you pack your clothes properly for storage?


Don’t be tempted to pack away dirty clothes. Dirt seeps into material and also attracts moths. Getting dirty things clean again once stains have taken hold might not be successful. Give all your clothes a good wash and make sure they are thoroughly dried before you fold them for packing. Don’t be tempted to iron them. If clothes are being folded ironing can damage the fibres which can lead to holes or tears.

Using Vacuum Bags

If you’re only packing up your clothes to be in storage for a short period of time you could use vacuum bags to save space. Generally they are not recommended however, because natural fibres like wool need to breathe.


Expensive clothes or those you treasure should be wrapped in acid-free tissue paper. This type of paper is long lasting and will protect your clothes from damage caused by dust and dirt. Shoes can be packed in shoe bags and suits can be stored in garment bags for extra protection.


Plastic boxes with lids are better than cardboard or paper which can be easily damaged. If you don’t want to use plastic you can buy oxford fabric boxes which are breathable, dust and waterproof.


Guard against moths by placing anti-mothball sachets or cedarwood balls into each plastic box. Cedarwood also absorbs moisture so they are ideal if you want to protect your clothes against mould or mildew.


The best way to keep your clothes looking as good as when they were packed up is to use self-storage. A storage unit from Store-Safe in Stoke is secure, clean and dry. Don’t take the risk of leaving treasured items in a damp garage or a space which might be invaded by vermin.
Self-Storage units are an affordable way to ensure your clothes and any other home contents are kept in good condition for weeks, months or even years. If you would like to know more about Store-Safe units give us a ring on 01782 785 370 or fill in the form on the contact page and we’ll be pleased to help you.