Moving Away – Exploring New Horizons

Has moving away and exploring new horizons ever been your dream.  When the kids have left home and you’re retired to move to another part of the country?
Maybe you want to move somewhere where property is cheaper.  You can add some cash to your pension pot.  Or have you  always hankered after a chocolate box cottage in the country?  Maybe somewhere on the coast?  If you do decide to move away to a completely new environment, it is advisable to live in the location you’ve chosen for a while. Certainly before you decide to invest in a property.


You may have only seen one side of the area from visiting or taking holidays. Your view may be tinted with rose coloured glasses.

The Seaside Town

For instance, the seaside town you love might be a nightmare during the summer months. The buses may be full, there’s nowhere to park and everywhere is crammed with tourists. On the other hand maybe you like the hustle and bustle. Will you start to feel isolated and cut off in the winter months when the tourists have gone?

The Countryside

The countryside is appealing, but you might have to accept that buying something you’ve forgotten at the weekly shop. This could mean a car journey to the nearest supermarket. An internet connection that’s very slow and the noise of a cockerel crowing at 3 o’clock in the morning. Perhaps a neighbours barking dogs.

Wait a While

Sell your home by all means but wait a while. You could even investigate more than one place. When your home is sold place your contents into self-storage. That way you’ve got somewhere safe and dry to store your furniture and other household possessions until your ready to make the move.


The advantage of self-storage is that it gives you the freedom to rent a property for a few months. You can see how much you really do like your chosen location. It’s also handy if you buy a smaller property. You’ll be able to sort out getting rid of unwanted pieces of furniture before you move, instead of having to live in clutter until you can get organised.
Store-Safe have a number of different sized units. The largest units can accommodate the contents of a four bedroomed house. If you do decide to take the plunge and explore somewhere new, give Store-Safe a ring on 01782 785 370 or fill out our contact form online to chat about your requirements.