Why Packing is Important for an E-Bay Seller

E-bay is a popular way to buy a large variety of goods, ranging from books, toys, clothes and even cars. Read our tips & explanation of  why packing is important for an ebay seller & how to get it right.

Why It’s so Important?

The site uses feedback to rate sellers and so it’s important to get everything right for the customer.
Photographs be realistic, the description should be truthful and they should be sent out to the customer well packaged. That way the goods will arrive in perfect condition.


You might handle your goods carefully, but how will the package be treated once it’s out of your hands? If your goods are boxed make sure any gaps are filled with packing chips and the item is protected by bubble wrap. If you’re sending an item using a jiffy, make sure it’s good quality with plenty of padding.


Don’t use boxes or envelopes that are too big, or too small. If the packaging is too big the goods inside will move about and this might cause a breakage. On the other hand, if you squeeze something into a small space it just might cause the envelope or the box to break.


If you’re posting around the British Isles then you’ll need to protect envelopes and boxes from the wet weather. Make sure all address labels are covered with transparent tape so they can be read in the rain.


If you started small, but now you’ve found your selling a lot of items, your home might be starting to look cluttered. A good solution is to rent a self-storage unit. In stoke, Store-Safe have units in various sizes which you can rent on a monthly basis. They are clean, dry and secure.
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