Keeping Fit and Storing your Sports Equipment

Keeping fit with sports as a hobby is an enjoyable way to maintain your weight and build up muscle tone. Some sports like running and swimming don’t need equipment at all.  Other sports have large pieces of sports equipment you need to store.


According to Cycling UK, more than 42% of people over the age of five have access to a bike. Adults who cycle more than 3 times a week tend to come from the South of England. Cambridge takes the top spot for cyclists. A good bike can start at around £250 and some amateur riders will pay more than £2,000.


Skiing is a popular sport that can take you to places close to home like France and Italy.  It may even take you further away to countries such as Argentina, Canada or the United States. The Olympic sport of ski jumping was recently featured on television in the programme Jump. Many celebrities found that ski jumping wasn’t as easy as it looked. Eddie the Eagle was pleased that people now realised it is a difficult sport.


Every year on the TV you’ll get the chance to watch the boat race between Cambridge and Oxford University. The first boat race on the current course was held in 1845. Participants have to train 2 hours for each stroke of the race. There’s an average of 600 strokes on the course. That means the rowers have to train for 1,200 hours to take part in the boat race.


If you don’t have anywhere to store your equipment and your home isn’t big enough, self-storage is a great solution. A safe-Store in Stoke there are 3 easy to reach locations with storage units of varying sizes.
Minimum payment is a month, but you can keep your storage unit for years if you need to.  We have discounts for longer periods. A storage unit is a secure way to store your sports equipment in a clean, dry space with 7 days a week access.
If you would like to know more about Store-Safe please browse the website. If you need to get in touch give us a call on 01782 785 370 or fill out the form on our contact page and we’ll get back to you quickly.