Winterising Your Boat

If you’re thinking about investing in a boat you’ll need time to spend on maintenance. Winterising your boat is an important part of boat ownership. Although maintenance is an all-year-round task, most of it can be done during the autumn and winter months when your boat isn’t in use. Here’s what to do before you winterise your boat.

The Engine

Before you lay up the boat for winter make sure you change the oil and filters. Check the wiring, coolant levels and the pipework for any loose connections too. Put anti-freeze in with your coolant fill the engine with fuel to prevent corrosion and condensation. clean the engine and spray the parts with WD40.


If you have a fibreglass boat now is the time to give it a good polish and wax. Renew any faded paintwork and repair chips and cracks. Timber boats will need painting and varnishing. Check the boat deck for any damaged planks which will need to be repaired immediately. Damaged deck planks can lead to water penetration which can damage the wood even further.


If you have a boat with sails remove them, give them a good clean and leave them to try. Then, take a good look at the stitching and mend any tears.

Safety Equipment

Check your safety equipment carefully it’s recommended that you have:
Fire extinguishers
VHF marine radio
First aid kit
Pumps and buckets

During the winter lay-off, you may not be able to keep your boat in the water. An ideal solution is to dry-dock the boat by renting a self-storage unit. Store-Safe have three types of units in sizes which range from 160 square feet to 240 square feet.

Safety is the priority and each unit has its own padlock, CCTV security and alarms. You can access the unit 7 days a week, apart from bank holidays. It’s the perfect location to keep your boat safe and dry.