6 Handy Tips For Home Decorators

Are you thinking about re-painting the interior of your home? Read out 6 handy tips for home decorators before you start.

Gather Together Your Materials

There’s nothing worse than getting half-way through a job and realising you’ve forgotten something you need. Get everything you think you’ll use before you start and that way you won’t have stop to look for what you need when you’ve got paint on your hands and half a wall done.

Move the Furniture

You can place the furniture in the middle or at one end of the room. But, if you can get all the furniture out of the room it will make painting easier and quicker. If your painting a property you don’t live in yet consider moving all the furniture into self-storage. That way you can get on with the work without tripping over piles covered with dustsheets and you can leave the furniture in a safe place until the property is completely redecorated.

Repair the Walls

Patch up and fill any holes and cracks. Remove any hooks and screws if you’re not going to be using them again. You can get quick dry filler that you can squeeze directly into damages walls and within 10 minutes it will be ready to paint.

Clean the Surfaces

Hoover the room to remove any dust and then use a wet cloth to clean the doors, window ledges and skirting boards. Then clean the walls with hot soapy water. You can use sugar soap if they are very dirty or greasy.

Apply Masking Tape

To prevent paint dripping on to the skirting boards and the carpets use masking tape. Here’s a handy blog from Hamilton’s Decorating which shows you exactly what to do.

Make a Start

Now you’re ready to get on with the painting. Paint the ceiling first. Use a brush around the ceiling edge and your light fittings. Then you can use a roller. When you’ve finished the ceiling you can start on the walls. Apply paint with a brush in corners and hard to reach places before you start painting with a roller.

Get in Touch

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