Are you a collector?

Did you know that about a third of people in the UK collect something? Are you a secret collector? Hidden away in people’s home and in storage are collections of soldiers, toy dolls, records, magazines, beermats and teddy bears.
There are even names for certain collectors. For example, a Conchologist collects shells. A Fromologist collects cheese labels and a Brolliologists collects umbrellas. There are many more, you can see them on the hints and things website.

A lady called Carol from Birmingham collects bars of soap. She started the collection in 1991 and she’s now got over 5,000 different bar from all over the world.

Some people make it into the Guinness book of records.

Val Kopakov from the United States has the largest collection of toothpaste tubes. He has more than 2,037. He has toothpaste tubes from America, Japan, Korea and Russia.

Other Guinness record holders include Hamburger Harry, who collects anything related to hamburgers.

Then there’s Ron Werner who collects beer bottles and Luiza Figueiredo from Brazil, who has a record breaking jigsaw collection.

Guinness advise people who want to break a record to first check their database to make sure you fit the criteria. Then you need to choose which record you want to break and then you need to apply to Guinness with the evidence.

A normal application takes about 12 weeks. But, you can apply for a priority application which they will look at within five days. But, you’ll have to fork out £500 for the service.

If  you’re running out of space there is a solution.

You could house your collection in a self-storage unit. This means you won’t be living in a cluttered house.

Store-Safe have three different sized storage units, so there’s bound to be one that’s big enough to hold your collection. It’s a great way to keep your treasured pieces safe and dry. The storage units at safe-Store are open seven days a week, so you’ll always have access when you need it.

Storing your collection away from home means you can actually put guests up in the spare room or keep the car in the garage. Now isn’t that a good idea? Call us on 01782 785 370 or fill in our contact form