How Safe Is Your Storage Unit?

Storage units are a popular way to keep your belongings put away when you don’t need or want them in your home. But how safe are your personal belongings in a storage unit? Not all units are created the same and you should do your research before you choose one.

Security Systems

What is the security system like with the storage company? They should have a good, high quality system in place. This will include cameras to show every angle of the hallways and parking lots.

A good security system isn’t just cameras, though. Talking to the head of security for the storage unit you’re considering will help you understand what they have in place. Ideally, there will be a monitoring system, as well at someone watching at all times. This helps keep your items secure and if something does go missing, the police can use the video as evidence.


The types of locks you use on your unit will also determine just how much security you have on it. High specification locks are a good idea and it’s also wise to provide your own lock. Look for one that’s rated for difficulty in breaking. People tend to leave things alone when they look too difficult, so aim for a lock that will take a while to break.


How hard is it to get into the storage unit? It should not be open and available for anyone to walk in. It’s also important that there are walls around the unit and that the gate is guarded. Anyone who does not have storage space rented should be able to get in through the front gate, or anywhere else, for that matter.

Security Personnel

Every storage unit should have staff around the clock, to help monitor the space. It’s important to actually have someone there who can handle problems as they arise, rather than making people struggle to find someone real to speak with. The staff can also serve as a deterrent to burglars or anyone who may be considering a storage unit easy pickings.

Safe Area

The city around your storage company has an impact on the overall security of the units, too. After all, a storage unit in a safer area isn’t likely to report any crime or security breaches. It’s worth checking into the surrounding area, as well as the actual storage unit itself.

Are you looking for safe storage that you can trust? Call Store Safe today for a quote and rest assured your belongings will be safe.