Make More Space with a Loft Conversion

A loft conversion is a great way to make extra space without having the inconvenience or expense of moving home.
You can make more space with a loft conversion.  Create a luxurious e-suite bedroom for yourself and your partner, a haven of peace you can retreat to after a stressful day.

Or, maybe you want to give your teenager some independence with a space they can use to entertain themselves and their friends.


Prices for a loft conversion start at around £16,000. It should include the staircase, insulation, lighting, skylights, heating and electrics.


A dormer loft conversion is one of the most popular options. It costs a bit more than a basic loft but it extends the roof to give you more floor space and headroom. A dormer conversion will have vertical walls and a sloping ceiling.
If you want a large conversion then you can go for a mansard loft. It has a flat roof and sloping walls. It will give you a bigger space than a dormer loft.

Planning Permission

Some loft conversions don’t need planning permission. Check with your local planning office before you begin any work.

Where to Start

If you decide to go ahead with a conversion you’ll need an architect or a surveyor to come and look at your loft to make sure it is suitable for conversion. Once you get the okay you can draw up the plans and look for a builder with a good reputation. Use a website like checkatrade where builders have been vetted and monitored. You can also read their reviews, which is helpful.

Empty Your Loft

After that it’s time to empty the loft. So just what do you do with all the stuff you store up above? Well, a good solution is to rent a self-storage unit from Store-Safe. They have three locations in the Stoke area, all with 7 day access. It’s a safe, dry and reliable way to store things you don’t have room for at home.