Would you like to own a classic car?

Would you like to own a classic car?  If you love cars you might be thinking about investing in a classic. If you’ve got the time to spend on maintenance a classic car can be a great investment. It’s also a good way to have fun and meet other classic car owners.

You can join a club and show off your own car at events the club will hold locally and throughout the UK. It will also give you the chance to look at other classics. Member’s of owner’s clubs are always good sources of information. They’ll be glad to pass on hints and tips about classic makes and models.

What to pay

Popular classic cars include the Triumph Herald, the Morris Minor and the MGB/GT. You can expect to pay anything between £2,500 and £10,000 for one of these cars, depending on its condition. Classic car magazines and owner’s clubs will give you pricing information

How to buy a classic car

You can buy a classic car from a dealer or at auction. But, probably the best way to buy one is from an owner’s club. Once you’ve decided what type of car you want, see if there are any clubs in your area.
When you’re looking at a car stay clear of anything with a lot of rust or missing trim. Be suspicious of any newly painted cars if they smell musty inside and have signs of damp on the inside windows.


Many traditional insurance companies will insure classic cars. You can also go to a specialist broker. Look for a company that will agree on the value and review it on a regular basis.


Just because you don’t have a garage doesn’t mean you can’t realise your dream of owning a classic car. You can always put it into self-storage. Store-Safe for example, have various unit sizes which you can rent from them indefinitely. They are open 7 days a week and it’s a safe and secure place to keep your prized possession.
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